The Last of the White Pine Loggers

A collection of traditional folk songs from the lumberjack winter camps.

"14 tracks that define the heroic, lonely and frequently dangerous lifestyle of logging."


"With jaunty rhythms and excellent vocal harmony, the Wailers have dug out some treasures of Canadian folk music from the archives and brought them to life."

Northern Journey Online

Waltz with the Woods

Music inspired by the beauty and stories of Ontario's provincial parks. 

"Solid playing and earthy vocals." 

Northern Journey Online

"The Wakami Wailers hold Ontario's parks and their beauty responsible for both inspiration and solace... this record celebrates Ontario."



River through the Pines

Traditional folk music from the lumber camps of the late 1800s.

"Just as a pristine old-growth forest is treasured, the Wakami Wailers have aged well." 



Un, Deux, Trois... Four

New album from the Wakami Wailers... coming soon!