12. The Winter Camp

Traditional translation by Edith Fowke. Arranged by The Wakami Wailers, 1984

When the Winter Comes at last
And the river freezes fast
Out into the woods we go
Live for months there in the snow

Away we go to the winter camp
Away we go to the winter camp

Wretched man what lies ahead
On the ground you'll make your bed
In the cold and in the snow
Cold hard work is all you'll know

When you reach Quebec next spring
Aching bones is all you'll bring
First to see the boss you'll head
To ask for the cash to buy your bread

When you ask him to be paid
For the days that you have slaved
When he tells you he is broke
You won't laugh much at his joke

Then your family with great joy
Welcomes home their shanty boy
Father meets you at the gate
Mother piles food on your plate

When they shout at you with cheer
You will yell both loud and clear
To the Devil with the shack
Never more will I go back



D Em C D


G C Am
Am C D G