4. White Water

Wade Hemsworth

When I was young and in my prime,
I thought I'd go for a river driver
And I met an old man on the shore,
He said, "Son, better watch white water."

Break and go, I tell you so,
Logjams like young men like you!

I just laughed and I laughed some more -
What was I but a bold young rover?
And I left him on the shore
That was before I knew white water.

What was I but a bold young fool
And it wasn't long till I learned better
That's when young MacPherson drowned
He was gone with a roar when the jam turned over.

So we dragged him to the shore
Carved his name in the bark of a cedar
Hung his boots on a hanging limb -
Mac had gone too near the water.

Logjams come and logjams go -
Big or small, they all spell danger,
You gotta have an old man on the shore
When you're trying to get the key log out from under.

Now I heed what the old man said -
I listen to the words of the big boss driver
When he's standing on the shore
Telling young fellows how to handle timber.

Break and go, it's now I see
Log jams like young men like me!