1. Mountain Ranger

Rob Hollett

Horse patrols in early western national parks intrigued Rob back in 1984 while we were creating a show for Parks Canada. One can only imagine the beauty that was seen.


Another lonely evening fading into dark.

Just me and my horse, patrol this mountain park.

A time for reflection about these busy days.

We sit and share a sunset, basking in the rays.



This is a land of glaciers, snow and ice on rock

Great eagles rest upon the walls, a soaring giant hawk.

Where grizzlies roam in search of food, such a worthy king.

Oh beauty of the mountains, it is to you I sing.


Early in the morning, mist rising from a stream

The water drips down from my face, once again I’m clean

It’s times like these your maker is standing by your side

These mornings in the mountains, when nature shows her pride.




As afternoon sun cooks me, I ride this mountain trail

Though rough and high I’m confident my horse would never fail

The day is long, the work is hard you feel it in your back

But this life of mine I would not trade, for anything I lack.