3. Pukaskwa

Rob Hollett

Back in 1983 a special piece of Lake Superior shoreline was designated a national park and thus Pukaskwa was born. Rob wrote this while sitting on the shore of Lake Superior watching the waves crash onto the rocks.



Oh Pukaskwa – land of wolf and caribou

Oh Pukaskwa – I long to spend some time with you

Ghosts of your past call out to me

Pukaskwa – wild shore of an inland sea.


You are a rugged existence of earth, sea and man.

Lake Superior, the queen of this north land

Unpredictable, a challenge to us all

Sit down and listen you’re sure to hear her call.


Oh Pukaskwa


Midnight skies alight in a boreal haze 

Entertain while I think of voyageur days

The song of a sea as it rools ahore

It offers what it is, but who would want more?


Oh Pukaskwa


Rocky points and rivers, plants that shouldn’t be here

Voyageurs and logging men stories of yesteryear.

The spirits of the natives belong to the land and sea.

This wilderness of Pukaskwa is now a part of me.