5. Peter Emberly

My name is Peter Emberley, as you might understand.
I was born in Prince Edward Island, down by the ocean strand
In eighteen hundred and eighty, when the flowers were in bloom.
I left my native country, my furtune to pursue.

I landed in New Brunswick, that lumbering country.
I hired to work in the lumberwoods down by the Miramichi.
I hired to work in the lumberwoods for to cut tthe tall spruce down.
While loading reams of yarded logs, I received my fateful crown.

There's danger on the ocean where the waves role mountain high.
There's danger in the battlefield where the angry bullets fly.
There's danger in the lumberwoods for death lies silent there.
And I have fell a victim to dangers deadly snare.

Here's adieu to old Prince Edward Isle, that island in the sea.
No more will I walk on the flowery banks or enjoy her pleasant breeze.
No more will I see her gallant ships as they go sailing by
With banners floating in the breeze above the canvas sky.

Here's adieu to all my youngest friends them island girls so true.
Long may they live to grace the isle where first my breath I drew.
And the world will go on just the same when I have passed away.
What signifies a mortal man who's origins are clay.