13. Waltz with the Woods

Mark Despault, 1985

Lonely the wind moans through the trees
Softly the dew is lifting
Treasures of soul waltz with the woods
Song of my heart, Algonquin

Verse 1
Paddles have drawn dreamers and seekers
Sharing Her wealth and beauty
All that she is, is all that she offers
This queen of the forest reigns for all time


Verse 2
Horses and sleighs in the cold nights of winter
Smoke from the wood fire rising
Natives and rangers, trappers and loggers
All left their mark, all touched Her soul


Verse 3
Many a soul has passed through these wild woods
Many a weary traveler
Tired and torn from a world filled with madness
Seeking the strength that this earth can bring

Verse 4
And given this gift of wildwoods and water
Silver of winter gold from the fall
With peace in their hearts they faded to darkness
Leaving their spirits to waltz with the woods

Chorus x2


Capo 5

G     Am    D     G
Am    C     D
Bm    Am    D     G
Am    D     G

G     Am    D     G
Am    C     D
G     Am    D     G
Am    D     G