7. Take This Land

Rob Hollett, 1985

Take this land and save its soul
Safe for me as I grow old
Let us share both lake and trees
Safe and sound for you and me
I took a walk across this land
I feel the earth is like a man
It must be helped along though time
It must be saved for all mankind
I saw the coast of rock and snow
The roaring waves as they come home
The different lakes of size and name
Though far apart can feel the same
Great white pines rise to touch the sky
Are there for me to climb so high
And Forest stands so proud and free
Will still be there will still be seen
A feel of hope as land stays free
The river runs and cleanses me
When set aside for all to share
We do what’s right we show we care

G       Em
C       D
Em/D/G  G/D/C
D       G             

Em      C
G       D
Em      C
G       D       G