2. The Badger Drive

There's one class of men in this country
Who's names are not mentioned in song.
But now that their trade is advancing,
They'll come out on top before long.
They say that our sailors have danger,
And likewise our warriors bold.
But none know the life of the driver
How he suffers from hardship and toll.

With our pike poles and peaveys
And bateaus and all.
They're sure to drive out in the spring
That's the time.
With their cocks on their boots
As they get on the logs
It's hard to get over their time.

Well Bill Dority, he is the manager
And he's a good man oat the trade.
For when he's around seeking drivers
He's like a train going down grade.
But still he's a man who's kind hearted
On his word you always depend.
For never a man that's worked with him
But likes to go with him again.

Well the drive it is just below badger,
And everything is working grand.
With a jolly good crew of good badgers
And Ronald Kelly in command.
For Ronald's the boss on the river
And he is one man who's alive.
He drove the wood off of Victoria.
Now he's out on the main river drive.

Well now to conclude and to finish.
I hope that you all will agree.
In wishing success to all badgers
And the A.N.D. Company.
Long may they live for to flourish
And continue to chop, drive and roll.
And long may the business be managed
By Bill Dority and Mr. Cole.