11. P.E.I. Lassie

Rob Hollett

Back in 1988, Rob met Karen (his wife) and penned this song after a trip to her home province of Prince Edward Island. Karen will always be Rob's Prince Edward lassie. 


Fair young maid walks along the red sand

I’ll take your hand before my ship sails

Prince Edward lassie skips along the shore

Who could ask for more, the flicker in her smile never fails.


I am a lucky one, a sailor boy so free

I’ve found a beauty, an emerald of the sea

Prince Edward Island you give so much joy

The sweet song of my lassie as she walks along the shore.


Waves rolling in, water to the knees

Taste the salty seas upon our lips

Sweet kiss from my lassie, tremble of the heart

Before I depart, to sail upon my ship




Tears flutter down, mix with salty spray

Oh I want to stay forever with my girl

Soon I’ll be home, she’ll be standing on the wharf

Bundled in my scarf, swept up in the whirl


We’ll find us a cottage, a life for us to share

Without a care, we’ll grow old in time

Each morning we’ll walk hand in hand along

Sing a special song, I thank the lord you’re mine.