12. Let it Ride

Mark Despault, 2014

Let it Ride was originally written for the Suzanne Pasternak play Lily Sisters, a musical about rum running off the shores of Prince Edward County, Ontario, during prohibition.


Em                    D
Let it ride, let it ride
        Am                                               C                  D
Sometimes you have to roll the dice in order to survive
        Em           G
Let it ride, let it ride
       Am                                        B7                      Em
Everyday you take a chance is a day that you're alive

G                                          F
Martin is a fisherman with a two boats and a crew
C                                                                                    D
From what he makes from fishing he knows it wouldn't do
G                                                                   F
By the time he pays his bills and men, he's nothing left but pride
C                                                                              Em
He's started running whiskey boys. .....He had to let it ride

Johnny has a girl you see with marriage on her mind
He couldn't find the extra cash to make her his new bride
His job down at the cannery won't keep her satisfied
At night he works the rum boats....... He had to let it ride

There's a young lad with a family who cannot make ends meet
His wife is due in April and the kids all need to eat
He'll have to work the double shift, if he can stay awake
Or make a summers wages .......in a night run on the lake