13. Wild Goose

Wade Hemsworth

No secret. We love Wade Hemsworth's songs! This is our third cover of one of his tunes.


On Pukaskwa river so early this morning,

While mending my tumpline I hear the geese calling.

Over the brule, long clamoring cry,

Flying formation against the grey sky

Comes the wild goose,

The wild goose,

High over the north shore

And I'm going home.

The river is open but the lake's frozen over;

It's time to pack out when so late in October.

Winter's a-coming, the wild geese know,

We've had a long fall and its time to go

With the wild goose,.....

I've made lots of money, got money to burn

And when I have spent it I know I'll return

After the freeze-up, when snow is dry,

For to work in the tall woods-- I wish that I

Were a wild goose,.....

I've worked in the bush and spent money in town;

I'd like to get married but I can't settle down.

At the last portage, when I'll pack no more

Let me fly with the wild goose high over north shore

With the wild goose,