6. Tom Thomson and the Seasons of Algonquin

Rob Hollett

After researching the details of Tom Thompsons life for three years, Rob was still struggling for a story line.  Finally after leaving aside the controversies of Thompson's death, he created this song to celebrate the many paintings which in the end, truly depict the ever changing seasons of Algonquin. 


1. It must be winter…

White expanse reaching for the distance.

Green and orange dot the plain

Great clouds they billow overhead.

I sense the stillness, I sense the pain



Smile across this lake

See what’s there to see

Smile along with all that’s there

There’s so much to feel and see


2. It, must be spring…

Flushing Aspen hug each shoreline.

Vibrant pines can only flash their green.

Hand cut logs floating down the rivers.

Early flowers popping forth, they must be seen.



Sing with fling birds

Their flying songs are free

Sing along with all that’s there

There’s so much to hear and see.


3. It must be summer…

Canvas tents and canoes along the shoreline.

White stands of birch aline calm lakes.

White and Jack pine call with a windswept whisper.

Bare, granite rocks complete these northern scapes


4. It must be autumn…

This magic takes hold of your brush.

Hillsides scream of ochre, white and green

A season where waters can’t be calm

Trees, lakes, rocks must be felt and not just seen



Smile across this lake

Collect what you can see

Taste the waters

And feel the trees


5. It must be Algonquin…

My northern forest home

In a time of early untouched grace

Explore the many gifts you gave

How many times has your smile, touched this face?

The seasons of this place