7. Far and Distant Lands

Mike Bernier and Mark Despault, 1985

Composed by Mike and Mark in 1984 for a show featuring some of the landscapes that are protected by Parks Canada. Subsequently, we performed it daily at Disney World in February 1985.


D. G. D
This is my country I know it well
A. G. D
Cape Breton Island where I do dwell
G. D
I know her harbours and Highland streams
A. G. D
Her forest and craggy skree

G. D. G. D
Her mountain trails her fishing tales
A. G. D
Her songs of Gaelic aire
G. D. G. D
Her lobster boats the pipers notes
A. G. D
The dance of maidens fare

You've not seen nothing my eastern friend
Till you've tracked o're to the mountains end
And stood beside a western sea
And view the wheel that again runs free

We're crashing tides and sea lions bide
Their time on rocky isles
And cliffs of white gleam in the night
And glow on Driftwood spires

I cannot see this western land
Her rafts of kelp and cliffs of sand
But heed my words friend for this I know
You Will return to your native home

And stand upon our fathers farm
And feel our mothers hand
Then leave once more like times before
For far and distant lands